Changes to the Practice

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Important Changes To The Practice

Please note from Monday 11th May 2020 the practice will be operating a new intercom system at the patient entrance.
You will no longer be able to enter the building without using the intercom first.
This is to ensure patient and staff safety.

Guidance On Changes

The practice will only allow patients into the building if:

  • You are collecting a prescription – and on collection you will be asked to nominate a pharmacy for future prescriptions
  • If you have an appointment with any clinician
  • Any other queries you have, please contact the reception on 01482 853270

To drop off a repeat prescription, please post through our letter box at the front of the building
To drop a sample off please also use the letter box at the front of the building – this will need to be in the specimen bag the practice provided- PLEASE NOTE your specimen will not be sent off to the lab if it is not in the specimen bag.

Instructions For Intercom Use

  • Please press the button on intercom – this will alert the reception team that someone is outside
  • The reception team will respond to you via the intercom – please speak into the intercom and state the reason for your visit
  • The reception team will only allow you entry if you have an appointment or to collect a prescription.
  • The reception team will then buzz open the door for you to enter the building

Please make sure you close the door fully on your way in

  • Do not hold the door open for any other patients as they will need to contact the reception team via the intercom separately to be allowed access into the building if needed.
  • PLEASE NOTE – The practice will only allow entry to 1 person at a time unless you are bringing a child or you need a carer to support you

Please refrain from knocking on the windows or front door
Please use the intercom provided
Thank you